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Kids Creative Bath & Body Care Holiday Workshop

Kids Creative Bath & Body Care Holiday Workshop

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Unleash your creativity! Join our Tween DIY Beauty Workshop! 


The workshop experience:

Looking to spark your child's creativity with a wonderful and hands-on bath and body care workshop? Add some magic to your child’s holiday with this awesome activity, which offers the perfect blend of fun, creativity, and hands-on learning, tailor-made for inquisitive minds aged 8 and above!

At our workshop, safety and wellness take centre stage. We exclusively use natural ingredients, ensuring a gentle touch on your child's delicate skin.
Watch as your child's imagination takes flight, crafting their very own plant-based, non-toxic lip gloss and themed vegetable glycerin soaps! It's an opportunity for them to let their creativity run wild and produce something truly one-of-a-kind.

We encourage personalisation, empowering your child to infuse their creations with their unique personality and style! Through this fully interactive experience, they'll explore colours, scents, and witness their design plans come to life, resulting in products they'll cherish with pride.

Our workshop is dedicated to embracing your child's inner artist and fostering their creative spirit!

Join us for an morning of fun, laughter, friendship, and creative expression! Secure your child's spot in our inspiring workshop today and witness their creativity soar to new heights!

What To Bring

Enclosed Shoes

  • Organic Ingredients
  • Mindful Conversations
  • Beginner Friendly

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