Party Packages for Timeless Occasions

Discover an unparalleled celebration with The I Am Project Australia. Our party packages offer luxury whilst seamlessly blending education and excitement. Immerse yourself in our bespoke party experiences that guide you and your guests through creating exquisite products with a focus on igniting positive psychology. Each moment empowers you with a celebration of self-love, leaving you with precious memories.

Elevate Your Celebration - Packages for all tastes

Select from our 2 or 3 Product Party Packages, each offering a personalised touch. Guests create their very own handmade products, indulging in the benefits of natural ingredients. Elevate the experience with custom labelling, setting the tone for a truly unique and exceptional celebration.

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All Parties Include:

  • Creating your selection of opulent handmade products
  • Includes crafting and packaging with dedicated educators
  • Minimum 2 hours (allowing time for food and cake)

What To Expect:

  • Innovative Themes: We have a wonderful selection of unique themes available
  • Tailored Packages: Create your very own magic with a package customised to best suit your needs.
  • Extra Options for Exclusivity: Elevate your celebration with additional customisation.
  • Pricing that offers a breadth of options for all budgets.

Party Packages:

  • Our primary 2 product party package starts from $1,300 for 12 participants
  • Our primary 3 product party package starts from $1,600 for 12 participants

Embark on a journey of luxury and well-being with The I Am Project Australia. Elevate your celebration to new heights and allow us to help you make your celebration as unique as you are.