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Botanical Candles

Botanical Candles

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Introducing our Botanical Stories Candle Collection, where every flicker transports you to a realm of sensory delight.

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Crafted from 100% soy wax, indulge in the warm embrace of Caramelised Vanilla, a symphony of sweet and cosy notes that soothe the soul. Drift into tranquility with Lavender and Chamomile, a serene blend that calms the mind and invites peaceful dreams.

Awaken your senses with Lemon and Eucalyptus, a vibrant fusion that invigorates and revitalises, capturing the essence of a refreshing morning breeze. Then, experience the allure of Rose and Sandalwood, a harmonious dance of floral elegance and grounding wood, igniting feelings of romance and timeless allure.

Meticulously curated, our candles infuse your space with nuanced aromas, each scent carefully selected to create an enchanting atmosphere. Elevate your ambiance with our Elegance in Scents Candle Collection, embracing a journey of olfactory enchantment that complements every mood and moment.


100% Soy Wax, Essential Oils, Dried Botanicals


Cleaner and longer burn, reducing indoor air pollutants and addressing concerns about health.

  • Organic Ingredients
  • Plant Based
  • No Animal Testing
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